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To sum up, here are the eight key components of the Upfront Agreement:

1. Intentions in Our Relationships
2. Responsibilities and Expectations
3. Communication Challenges and Preferences
4. Permission and Requests
5. Commitments and Consequences
6. Coaching Session Logistics
7. Confidentiality
8. Techniques and Tools

As you can see, creating an Upfront Agreement is not a five-minute agenda item. In this series of emails, I provided sample questions for every strategy. Whether you use these proposed questions verbatim, or mix and match with your own, please take time with this process. Don’t make it tedious by insisting on an answer to every question, but don’t skip over questions just to finish quickly, either.

There is more to this process than just coming up with an Upfront Agreement between you and your team member. The way you ask questions, the way you listen to answers, and the way you share your own thoughts and feelings will send a strong signal to your that person as to what kind of leader you are, or will be.

What kind of leader do you want to be?

Once again, thank you for joining me for this email series. You’ve shown great leadership just by acknowledging that there is room for improvement in the level of accountability at your workplace.


P.S. You’ll continue to hear from me every Tuesday with a new Accountability Alert – a brief, practical tip from the trenches of my work with leaders just like you. I look forward to your comments on the blog at https://accountabilityexperts.com/blog/. You can also reach me at 1-800-489-6980, or email me.