Having the Conversations That Are Hard to Have

In a previous post I introduced 10 steps to guarantee accountability every time. There may be some steps that feel easier than others. For example, maybe you can see yourself setting a time-line, but can’t imagine asking someone to “recap” what you’ve just talked about.

We’re not used to having these kinds of conversations. Yet if you want more accountability in the workplace, you have to face this discomfort head on. The Coaching4Accountability system and tools were designed to eliminate this discomfort.

I know that for some of you, this kind of direct communication sounds like micromanaging – you picture yourself having to rule with a spike, fear and intimidation. It feels like every time you meet someone for one of these conversations, you’ll have to “get in their face” if you’re going to get any results.

On the contrary. By avoiding the conversations, you’re actually making unspoken demands and taking a much heavier-handed approach.

Unless you approach conversations with your people in an open and transparent way, you will not achieve any accountability. The situations you’re avoiding won’t go away, they’ll just fester and get worse. This makes it inevitable that you’ll be facing even more difficult conversations – such as, “You’re fired,” or even worse, “We have to make some cuts because the business is struggling.”

If you want to start solving the “people problems” in your workplace, download a copy of my free report, “STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE: 7 Accountability Strategies That Will Actually Make a Difference to Your Bottom Line.”