You changed my life! Working with you has released new energy within me and changed the atmosphere of my department and improved my quality of life. Thanks again for all your assistance.

I had hesitations whether or not I would have the time to make the commitment that was involved with executive coaching. However, since Alan and I started working together our real estate services business has grown from $48 million to $53 million dollars and grew that to $68 million, approximately 23-24% growth in business. Not only has the business grown, leadership and accountability within the team has improved with the systems that have been put into place for accountability and the morale and culture within the team has been better than ever. For business owners that are looking to get more of a grip on their business, to be more effective with leading and managing their reports, and ultimately growing their business with less effort and have accountability, hire Alan.

I’m Lou Leyes with Stages Planning Group. I have been working with Alan for a number of years now, and the value that he brought to the table for me and my business, can mostly be easily expressed by a number. I’m up over 300% in gross revenue since we started working together.  More importantly, I’m up about 450% in net revenue. He’s helped me to focus my business and focus my relationships with the people that work with me, so that I know when I ask for things to get done, they will get done, and I won’t have to doubleback to do them. Alan Dobzinski has changed my business life.

Alan worked with me to terminate an unproductive and incapable CFO resulting in: Savings of CFO’s annual salary of $140,000 and savings of man hours wasted in “clean up” time of $ 200,000 per annum.

Fewer than 1/10th of 1% of all Financial Advisors generates $100 million in production (new clients / assets under management) in one year. This goal was actually met and surpassed in October. And for the full calendar year I managed to bring in $114.5 million in new client assets. Thanks again for all of your assistance and support.

I was so pleased with my results I decided to invest further and engage Alan to work with members of my team which has made our organization stronger as a whole.

Case Study # 1

The HR Training Manager of a $4.6 billion, 14,0000 employee aerospace and defense company stated “Alan provided our managers with a model that they could use both one-on-one and when working with teams. Our leaders are now more aware of how accountability can support them to achieve their individual and departmental goals We believe that our investment has been very successful and the skills that were shared by Alan are going to set a precedent in the way that our managers interact with their teams and individual employees.”

Alan has helped me grow my business substantially in one year and double my income.  More importantly, he has taught me skills that have proved vital to be successful in my industry. I am so grateful to have Alan as a coach.  Alan is authentic and trustworthy and I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

I realized that no organization rises above the level of its leadership and I needed to grow and evolve. Alan has been a game changer for me teaching me the skills necessary to hold myself to the highest standard. I would highly recommend any leader who wants to achieve greater results to engage Alan and work with him over an extended timeframe.

I moved from Vice President of Sales to President and Publisher over the past two years. My sales team has exceeded their sales goals for four years in a row with very little turnover, which was “good” turnover.” I would recommend Alan to anyone who is looking for professional and personal growth and is willing and able to be open to new ideas.

I just wanted to thank you…for your time, energy, and ability to always ask the right question. I can honestly say that as a result of our coaching sessions, I am truly a better person…on both a personal and professional level. You are a tremendous coach. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Alan helped my organization understand more about ourselves, communicate well as a company and individuals and teams, identify our strengths, gave us a common vocabulary, what makes each individual tick and being respectful of it. It was great to have him as a confidant. His breadth and depth: give any topic and he has something on his mental (or real) shelf that he can expose someone to (business organization, to finance, to guiding people in psychology realm). No matter what came up there was always some solution he could lead me toward or growth, a growth path that I could follow.

What I got out of the coaching was….exactly what I expected.  It certainly was a learning experience, a different approach on matters.  I have become a stronger leader within the company, lessened my work load, and empowered my key people to have the skills or tools necessary to accomplish goals.  The tools that we all have learned work.  If something is not working…it’s because we’re not using the newly learned skills…our tools.

Case Study # 2

After only 14 months in working with the CEO of a simulation technology company in the power industry and his executive team, the CEO has reported a 4.16 to 1 return on investment (ROI) by implementing the Motivational Accountability System™.

My coaching relationship with Alan can be measured in a few tangible ways.  First, my performance at work has improved from ‘Slightly Below Target’ to ‘On Target’.  Second, without the improvements in my work performance, I do not believe that I would still be employed. Third, the improvements have led to additional rewards in terms of merit increases, higher bonuses, & incremental stock options.

Alan has a personality like none other. He’s so easy to get along with.. if you’re accountable (haha). After we first met, I read his book. I was quickly convinced that his help would benefit me and my team. Now, we use Alan’s accountability system @ WebMechanix and the change is invaluable. We are more connected than ever and everyone is growing at exponential rates. I can’t thank Alan enough for helping us improve our culture, workflow, and accountability, and doing so in a genuinely caring manner.

Alan has worked with me to develop an ongoing appreciation of structure, focus, and accountability, both for myself and others.  Alan was professional, responsive, committed to the project and from it, we formed a positive relationship with mutual admiration and respect. The most important thing to know about working with Alan is that he holds himself and his clients accountable for the results.

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I have had lots of professional challenges. I had virtually no formal training prior to working with Alan. I have gained insight into my own strengths and weaknesses and gained an understanding of my role as owner. I have acquired confidence and skill in leading my company. The result is an organization that strives to work as a team.

Alan was my coach when I transitioned in to a management role.  Having no experience at that time, Alan was instrumental in helping me learn and grow, especially around communication, accountability and creating clear goals and objectives.  I would add that the things Alan taught me didn’t stop in the office, but were transferable to personal relationship improvement as well.

Thanks to your efforts, I am now Managing Partner of our new Alpharetta (Georgia) office! Working with you helped me to effectively develop, present and gain consensus on a growth strategy for our firm. You were a skilled sounding board. I would recommend you to any professional who wants to enhance their career or grow their company.

Case Study # 3

As a result of conducting regularly scheduled accountability meetings, the General Manager of a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, was able to uncover an underperforming controller (who worked seven days a week) thus saving the organization $150,000 within the first three months.

The firm’s money was well spent…a good investment for the future at Reznick Group. We have the word out at all levels that business development is our #1 priority. We want to acknowledge the tremendous value you bring to the table.

Putting the Accountability Time Mastery Program into practice has dramatically assisted me in getting out of the individual contributor role and into the true leader mindset each day. Through the use of this program I have bettered my delegation skills empowering my senior management team, while at the same time, focusing my precious time in priority areas to move my organization forward. An amazing simple tool to allow you to move from working in your business to working on your business.

Alan Dobzinski is an outstanding facilitator. His presentation on the Accountability Factor is the highest rated event offered by the Regional Manufacturing Institute. His solutions are easy to understand and they are win-win strategies that make people feel more valued in the workplace.

Through your coaching with me, we have identified specific ways for me to improve my leadership skills and to help each of my direct reports to perform at a higher level. I recommend Alan as an executive coach to anyone who wants to take their organization to a higher level and their own performance to another level.

Your presentation was informative, meaningful and engaging. People talked about how fast the time went, how realistic and valuable the strategies were, and how they were inspired to be better leaders. I felt the content was a tremendous reinforcement of our work together. And the interaction from the audience added new perspectives from which everyone could benefit. The way you made the program interactive allowed everyone to share and relate effectively with one another. This was very motivating for me personally and strengthened my commitment to improving my own leadership skills.

Alan’s hands-on approach through his “Accountability Factor” seminar has been an invaluable tool for myself and our organization.

The Accountability Factor seminar embodies the concepts of teamwork, collaboration, and most importantly accountability. In working with Alan and utilizing his approach, our team has quickly learned the equation related to productivity and responsibility.

It is my intent to encourage other businesses and individuals to take advantage of Alan’s talents and have the same opportunity to produce tangible, measurable improvements in all areas of business and life. I have found a renewed enthusiasm in employees and volunteer board members.

I commend the efforts of Alan and his team at Accountability Experts and encourage you to take advantage of their most effective tools in this learning process.

Case Study # 4

The office managing partner (OMP) of a Big 4 Accounting Firm was being challenged with transferring his skill set to his partner group to develop more “green” (new accounts) business. The partner group needed to better execute their personal client development plans, learn new techniques, hone their skills and be held accountable for results, which were now being tied to compensation. By working The Accountability Management System this OMP’s office was able to bring in two new clients, one valued at $750,000 and the other valued at $200,000.

In my role I am responsible for leading a diverse group of professionals to grow our business, develop and retain our people and build our brand in the market all in accordance with the strategic initiatives of our large international firm.  The valuable skill I learned was confidence in my leadership style. Any executive responsible for people and team development will benefit from the methodology that Alan’s employs.

The best thing I can say about Alan Dobzinski is that he is insightful and committed to his clients’ success.  He is a great listener, getting right to the point.  He is excellent with people, and understands business.  He is also an excellent referral source and gives solid advice.  He has impacted me by changing my perspective in important situations.

Alan tells me what I don’t want to hear that I need to hear, kind of like a “business shrink.”  He knows the intricacies of my business and can listen and give me feedback in a non-biased manner.  Alan has been an invaluable coach and business consultant.

Some of the benefits Alan has provided me includes accountability, direction, but most importantly, has provided, objective advisement based on his previous business experience that I couldn’t have gotten with anyone else. When I came to Alan, I was not running my team in a business matter, as a result, I’ve now put structure into place which has helped my agents gain value like never before.  I’ve not only been able to improve my day to day challenges, but more importantly, help them in the development role to help them succeed and meet their goals. I’ve done a 180 since working with Alan and I have gotten more than what I needed when I started working with him.  He’s exceeded the value from day one.


The relaxed style of your presentation conveyed the message without being authoritarian. By letting the audience ‘connect the dots themselves,’ you led them down a path of self-discovery rather than having them feel as if doctrine were forced upon them. You adeptly illustrated the benefits of coaching through your exercises in the program. Most importantly, Alan, you demonstrated how easily the personal and professional lives of attendees can benefit by creating a culture of accountability.

I was able to greatly reduce the drama that existed within a family-run agency to increase profitability, improve time management, and as a result, double our existing client base. Alan, you have far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend your services to anyone who wishes to improve not only their company but their life as well.

Case Study # 5

The owner of a $18 million distribution company was stuck and perplexed about an underperforming and inexperienced sales department and didn’t know what to do. Within a few days of Alan’s coaching, the owner realized his Sales Manager was not managing at all, but rather managing his kid’s sports teams on the owner’s nickel to the tune of $125,000! The owner proceeded to make changes in his sales department that led savings of more than $600,000 in only six weeks.

Giving people the opportunity to do some of the things that I spent (wasted) my time on has helped my team members that I support to develop.  It frees my time to actually meet with staff members and complete projects that can actually improve my company. I think all day long, is this the best use of my time? Sometime it isn’t, but asking the question more consistently keeps me on track.  WAIT AND WAIST have really impacted me.  Recapping what I have heard others say, has revealed a number of instances where I found that I hadn’t heard what the other person said at all or that a previous assumption was wrong.  Thank goodness for clarification!

I have worked with a coach, Alan M. Dobzinski, who utilized many of these same strategies in this recent article. It changed my whole approach to management, and helped me to move to a higher plane of success with leading and building teams. Give people an opportunity to succeed, rather than grooming them for failure.