Accountability Turns Your Monday Blahs Into Monday WOWs

A client came to me with a candid confession. While he prided himself on his work ethic and overall ability to be a motivated self-starter, he often had a difficult time getting started on Mondays. It was hard to acknowledge and even more difficult to share.

To his amazement and relief, I revealed that he was not alone in this. These Mondays blahs are more common than people realize.

“Alan helped me to see that my Monday Blahs were actually started on Sunday night, which was typically restless and often resulted in a very sleepless night. As I lay in bed on Sunday nights I would contemplate all the stuff I needed to organize and plan for Monday morning.”

So how do you fix the Monday Blahs and Sunday Blues? It’s simple – prepare for Monday on Friday afternoon.

  • Schedule a dedicated time on Friday afternoons to carefully plan out your Monday. Stay accountable and treat this like any other important appointment in your calendar.
  • Get away from your office for this task, if you can.
  • Gather any supporting materials you’ll need on Monday.
  • Schedule meetings for Monday mornings to help get your day started with action.

Did it work for my client? I’ll let him tell you:

“The simplicity of this seemed too easy, but when I put it into action the results have been amazing. No longer am I thinking about what Monday will bring, no longer am I worried about doing something for a Monday meeting or task – I prep on Friday and sleep on Sunday.

Now I actually start my Monday off by relaxing with the paper and a good cup of coffee – and the knowledge that I have already planned out my day and have everything I need to execute that plan. Plus I am no longer blaming my sleepless Sunday nights on my Mother-in-law’s cooking!”

By doing your prep work on Friday you can leave your briefcase in the car over the weekend – no more working at home. As any good coach knows – no one can succeed without a good game plan. So go into Mondays with a good game plan.

If you’re ready to bring your game plan to the next level, Alan M. Dobzinski can turn your Monday Blahs into Monday WOWs. Contact him today to get started.