Accountability Secrets Your Business Wants to Tell You

As you may or may not know, I’m really into health and fitness, and I recently attended a health and wellness retreat in Costa Rica. During one exercise, the facilitator led us through a set of questions that gave our bodies a voice and taught us how to listen to it.

At the end she asked, “If your body could talk to you about how you’re treating it, what would it say?” It was a powerful question, and it had a lot of impact.

Guess what? Your business is talking to you, too! To help you listen, I’ve prepared the following questions. Answering them will take you to a new level of understanding of what may be stopping or blocking your business from achieving profitably and success.

If you’re going to establish a culture of accountability in your workplace, you need to be ready and willing to ask these questions and listen to the answers – even if some of them are tough to hear.

  1. Which aspect of your business is strongest? Which is most prone to breakdown?
  2. Which part of your business do people notice first? Which part holds your own attention?
  3. Which parts of your business are you most comfortable with? Which are you least comfortable with?
  4. If you were selling your business to a new owner, what instructions would you leave about how to care for it?
  5. What are the natural rhythms of your business (daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal)?
  6. What gives your business a boost when it’s tired?
  7. If your business could talk, what do you think it would ask you to do differently?

Did these questions give you any sparks of insight about your business? Imagine the power of taking your whole team through the same exercise under the guidance of an expert facilitator and executive consultant. Contact us now to book Alan Dobzinski for your next workshop, seminar or retreat.