Alan Dobzinski The Buck Starts Here All too often today the word accountability conjures up negative images of fault, blame, even financial misconduct. “Looks like some heads are gonna roll” is a common response.

No wonder accountability gets a bad reputation. Who would want to be held accountable, if it might result in decapitation?

But, it doesn’t have to be that way at all:

  • There’s a way to hold people accountable that makes them eager to come to work and eager to perform.
  • There’s a way to hold people accountable that enhances trust and respect between managers and employees.
  • There’s a way to hold people accountable that helps them come together as a team and produce the right results, no matter what.
  • These ideas are at the heart of what we call the Accountability with Care System-a professional, respectful, and effective method of getting things done and achieving results.

Follow this proven system and you are on your way to less stress, more time and a better bottom line.

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“The Accountability Factor is a fantastic resource for people from all walks of life! It is priceless tool for facilitating more effective communication, a more positive, vital work environment, and overall work ethic. I have found this book a great help in every area of my life and refer to it often as THE resource I go to for guidance. It’s a brilliant compass in the often overwhelming business world today.”
Susan Farr-Fahncke

“This book offers an outstanding opportunity for all people to understand and become responsible for their accountability and productivity. It offers a simple method for teaching and training others. As a professional life coach, I use many of the insights as information for my clients’ growth. I personally use many of the author’s teachings in my own life. Thank you to the author for these tools and benefits. This book will make a great gift.”
Joel Galvin

“Got your book last week and sat down and read it cover to cover. EXCELLENT! I am looking forward to reading it again and again.”
John R. Beck, KCH Business Solutions, LLC

“The Accountability Factor is a practical handbook for empowering staff members to take responsibility for their own success by co-creating goals with managers, reviewing them regularly, measuring their success, and revising when necessary. The easy to implement process will help managers learn to coach their staff to achieve accountability and better results. It’s also full of fun anecdotes demonstrating the process in action. As an executive coach myself, I found the book brought core coaching practices to life. I plan to recommend it to my own clients who are struggling with motivating others to achieve results.”
Karen Depew, Northwood Consulting, Ltd.

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