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Benefits of Creating a Culture of Motivational Accountability™

America’s Accountability Expert, Alan Dobzinski, provides the most effective resources, and the most impactful educational, and motivational presentation on leadership to help entrepreneurs become more efficient and accountable. When everybody in the company carries their own weight and understands what is expected of them, they can meet demands and face problems head on.

Alan Dobzinski is committed to helping create greater levels of fulfillment, success and accountability in your business for your management and organization. There’s ALWAYS room for improvement. Book Alan today by filling out the form below. Custom professional presentations, keynote presentations and private training sessions are also available upon request.

Key Takeaways from Alan’s Leadership Presentations:

To the Organization

  • Sales are growing.
  • Productivity is at an all-time high.
  • Employee morale and fun are up.
  • Employees WANT to come to work.
  • Devoted clients are abundant.

To the Leaders

  • Preventing fires, not fighting them.
  • Having a clear, well-articulated vision.
  • Experiencing less stress.
  • Working more in your unique ability.
  • Enjoying a balanced work/life.

Invest in a management presentation that brings out the best in your managers and employees. Accountability can start today.

General Sessions

Based on Alan’s highly acclaimed book The Buck Starts Here
Accountability is Not a Four Letter Word

Accountability is Not a Four Letter Word

What would it be like if everyone in your organization were able to hold themselves accountable? Imagine if everyone was performing at an optimal level. How would that impact Sales? Productivity? Employee engagement? Customer loyalty? Your personal stress level?

Do Your Employees WANT TO Come To Work?

Do Your Employees WANT TO Come To Work?

In a “Want To” culture, everyone in the organization is excited about coming to work. Sound like a fantasy? Not at all. Alan reveals simple, yet powerful principles that have helped hundreds of organizations create an environment where everyone takes ownership of their attitude, productivity, and results.

Seminars, Breakouts, and Training Sessions

The Buck Starts Here

The Buck Starts Here

In this high-content, interactive session, leaders and managers will be feverishly taking notes as they discover the three pillars of creating a more productive and enjoyable work environment through Motivational Accountability™. (60-90 minutes).

A C.L.E.A.R. Path to Turning Every Employee into a Top Performer

A C.L.E.A.R. Path to Turning Every Employee into a Top Performer

Through Alan’s trademarked C.L.E.A.R. Coaching Model you will discover how to transform employee attitude, accelerate progress, and develop superstars in your organization. He will show you how you can manage your entire team/staff with only one piece of paper. (60-90 minutes)

Mastering the Motivational Accountability System™

Mastering the Accountability with Care™ System

A new, laser-focused, interactive learning experience that will guarantee a workplace model with all the tools, techniques & skills required to inspire your people to… want to achieve performance at their most effective level and become top producing teams. Create a culture of Accountability with Care™ without a hammer, micromanaging, bullying or harassment. (Full Day Training)

Make It All About Them: Managing and Leading Others to Support THEIR Success

Make It All About Them: Managing & Leading Others to Support THEIR Success

This leadership workshop helps leaders understand the importance of focusing on their direct reports and making it “all about them” when coaching, leading and managing their teams. Testimonial we received from a recent workshop:

“This program makes a difference immediately. The impact of Alan’s message is felt immediately.” 
(Morning Session, Half Day Training)

Kim Fabian

Senior Vice President,
Junior Achievement

“Your presentation was informative, meaningful and engaging. People talked about how fast the time went, how realistic and valuable the strategies were, and how they were inspired to be better leaders. I felt the content was a tremendous reinforcement of our work together. And the interaction from the audience added new perspectives from which everyone could benefit. The way you made the program interactive allowed everyone to share and relate effectively with one another. This was very motivating for me personally and strengthened my commitment to improving my own leadership skills.”

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