5 Traits That Make A High Performing, Highly Effective Team

Think of a pro football team where there are 11 players on the offensive team. What would it look like if only 10 of the 11 people on the team were doing their part of the work?

If one person is not pulling their weight, the whole team suffers.

The same is true with your management team: in order to produce phenomenal results, every person on your team must be carrying their weight.

Integrating the following five traits in your business will set you on the right path to create a high performing and highly effective team:

Build Clarity around the mission of the team and the goals and desired outcome.  If you don’t have clarity, and something definitive to hold people accountable to, then you will find it difficult to have a high performing team.

Trust is a by-product of Transparency.  An effective tool that can be used to have transparency within a team and everyone on the same page is the Upfront Agreement.  This is a great team and group tool that I highly recommend mastering.

Philanthropy is having the sincere desire to genuinely help your fellow team member. A popular Zig Ziglar quote is “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  It’s important that egos are removed as well as any personal agendas, to achieve team goals.

Growth is the next trait that is a hallmark of a highly successful team.  With regularly scheduled team meetings, individuals are accountable to the team for their progress on the goals set and has the opportunity to report in on their commitments and progress.

Lastly, having strong Leadership is essential.  Without a leader who follows through and owns accountability for themselves as well as the team, there will be chaos and the three Ds: Debate, Drama and Doubt.

Action step– do you want to learn how to lead a great team?  Schedule 10 minutes with me and I’ll ask you a couple questions and see if you have what it takes.