What happens when the rug gets pulled out?

Whether you’re the CEO or managing partner of a legal firm, an accounting firm or another professional service firm, you have one challenge in common:

People Problems

At the root of all people problems is miscommunication about who is supposed to be doing what. There is either no accountability, inconsistent accountability, or hard-hitting accountability that leads to disengagement and high turnover.

No matter what else you take from these emails and the free accountability tips on the blog, there are three things you need if you’re going to have workplace accountability:

R = Regularly Scheduled Accountability Meetings
U = Upfront Agreements (for more information about upfront agreements, check out my book)
G = Goals: Destination Goals and Journey Goals

Your accountability RUG is the the soft, supportive and protective bottom layer on which everything else rests. Build on it with whichever strategies appeal to you, but don’t neglect any of these essential components.

What happens when the RUG gets pulled out?

Without these important foundational pieces, it’s like the RUG gets pulled out from your attempts at accountability. And you’ll soon be faced with a very different set of Rs:

  • Reluctance: “Iʼm not sure we should.”
  • Resistance: “I donʼt think I want to.”
  • Resentment: “Iʼll do it if you make me.”
  • Rage: “Iʼm angry about it.”
  • Rebellion: “Iʼm not going to.”
  • Revenge: “Iʼll make you pay for this.”
  • Resignation: “Iʼm outta here.”
  • Rigor mortis: “We’re dead!”

Having an accountability system in place ensures that:

  • You know what everyone is supposed to be doing
  • They know what they’re supposed to be doing
  • Everyone does what they’re supposed to do

Sound good, but you’re not sure where to start? Check out my book or schedule your 10-minute consultation call with me today.