Engagement: Are your people twirling their signs?

There is an area in my neighborhood that’s a particular hot spot for new upscale condominiums. To generate interest in the buildings, they often hire kids to stand on the street corner with signs that list the units’ features and any deals that are on.

It’s a busy intersection, and on this particular day there were two kids on opposite corners, diagonally across from each other. I noticed Kid A immediately – he seemed excited, twirling his sign, tossing it up in the air and behind his back, like a scene out of that movie “Cocktail” with Tom Cruise. He’s waving at people, doing his best to make a connection and entertain us for that brief moment we drive by or stop at the light.

Kid B across the way is a different story. He’s about the same age, but has nowhere near the same level of energy or excitement. He’s sitting down, just holding on to the sign so it doesn’t fall over. He’s got his head down and doesn’t seem to care at all whether anyone notices him or the sign.

Which kid would you want working for you? Now think about the people in your firm – which kid IS working for you? Are your team members excited to connect with people and talk about your business, or are they sitting idly by the side of the road with no energy for their job?

Research by Gallup showed that the impact of disengagement in U.S. workplaces was $300 billion in lost productivity. What do you think it’s costing YOU?

As the managing partner, CEO or leader, it’s your job to be accountable for your people and make sure they’re getting what they need – whether that’s motivation, clear direction or coaching – to drum up excitement about their work and express that excitement to clients and prospective clients.

If you’d like to bring your team together and root out what’s getting in the way of people feeling engaged in their work, contact Alan M. Dobzinski to find out more.