Does Your Business Deliver Fast Food or a Gourmet Experience?

I had just finished delivering a leadership accountability seminar at a prestigious private golf club. As I was rushing out to my next stop, I passed through the dining room and saw they were serving these unbelievable burgers. The chef stood proudly behind the table, in full uniform. I told him how good they looked, and I wished I had time to eat one.

“No problem,” he said, “Let me grab you a take-out container.” And he proceeds to pack up a burger for me, with all the toppings, which I thoroughly enjoyed eating while I travelled to my next destination.

I just happened to be going to another golf club, though this was a public course. After playing nine holes, my friend and I are driving to the 10th tee and we see this kid standing outside, ripping apart piles of frozen burgers and slapping them onto a grill (except for the ones he dropped through the grate first). What made the burgers even less appetizing is that he was sniffling, as if he had a cold.

My friend ordered a burger and asked if I wanted one.

Did I want one? I thought back to the burger I’d eaten from the other club, and said no, thanks. They were both burgers, but at the first club, the burger was not only stupendous, so was the service.

So which one of these clubs is your firm? Which burger are you serving? In my many years of working in professional services firms, I’ve been inside many different businesses. Some of them look like a first-class chef, and some of them look like a kid in a dirty apron. And many fall somewhere in between.

If you’re not setting up and empowering your people to deliver a first-class gourmet experience to your clients, I guarantee this is what’s stopping or blocking you from being successful and profitable.

Do you know the impression your staff is making on your guests/clients? Are you empowering them to go above and beyond? Are you tolerating less than tolerable service? What are your standards for service? As the leader, CEO or managing partner of a professional services firm, you are accountable for maintaining these standards. The buck starts with you.

If you’re ready to reveal your “dirty apron kids” and develop your “top hat chefs,” Alan Dobzinski facilitates interactive workshops and seminars that will bring everyone on board with your vision of gourmet service. Contact him today for more information.