The Accountability with Care Culture


There’s a phrase “If you can’t define your culture then the culture defines you.”

We ask potential clients, “What system do you have in place that helps you define your organization’s culture?”

Said system should have processes in place so you don’t get surprised by things like:

  • A sudden departure from one of your key players
  • One of your best customers expresses they’re unhappy or going to the competition
  • Even more likely in today’s #MeToo Movement, a costly harassment or discrimination claim

If you don’t have a system in place, these situations will drive your culture. They will define your organization and the relationships within it.

Did you know that it costs 2-5x someone’s salary to replace a person on a management team? If they are making $150k to $200k, we’re talking a half million dollars or more. What would you invest to prevent a half million dollars loss?

That’s a direct loss due to turnover, let’s talk loss in terms of productivity. A Forbes article states “…research shows that the average U.S. employee is not only unengaged at work, but half of U.S. employees are actively searching for a new job. This war for skilled and engaged talent can impact businesses’ bottom lines by more than $600 billion in lost productivity per year.” The article goes on to say, “The way to fight this is with empathy…a culture that fosters empathy in the workplace is one of the best ways to create an engaged workforce that combats the loss of productivity and more.” They use the word “Empathy” – we use the word “Care”. Regardless of the word, we’re making the same point.

There is a tool we developed to measure loss related to productivity and how it is impacting your bottom line. The business leaders we’ve worked with have found upwards of half a million dollars in losses with their direct reports using this tool. (stay tuned into future blog posts for more on this tool)

Why all the lost productivity? Your culture defines the relationships between managers and their direct reports. These relationships break down for a number of reasons:

  • Poor communication
  • Expectations are unclear or don’t even exist
  • Lack of follow up/follow through
  • Micromanagement
  • Absenteeism – the manager is never around
  • The manager doesn’t know how to show empathy or that they care about their direct reports

In today’s workplace, what about bullying, harassment, and discrimination? If you haven’t yet experienced some form of harassment in your organization, standby, because sadly you probably will…unless you have the right system to prevent it.

Out of all of the companies we’ve all read about over the last year since the beginning of the #MeToo movement, it’s safe to assume that none of them have a system in place that’s driving their culture to prevent harassment/discrimination proactively.

What’s the value?

Other than mitigating all of the aforementioned risks and preventing significant losses? Our clients tell us the value they receive is a scalable system that accelerates sales, increases productivity, delivers record-breaking employee engagement, decreases turnover rates, and results in happy clients.

Our system creates a culture whereby employees know that the organization cares about them. Work will now bring meaning into their life professionally and build a sense of purpose personally. The organization shows that each employees contribution is valued. Ultimately, defining a path forward for not only their career but their lives.

Employees and clients become your champions and your biggest fans. People truly enjoy what they are doing and in turn, they recruit other like-minded people to join your organization. And guess what? Time is no longer being spent on Monster or Indeed during lunch breaks. You’ve created a culture where people want to come to work versus having to come to work.

That’s the value!


Accountability with Care

Again, the question is, “What kind of process or system do you have in place that defines your organization’s culture?”

Our system is Accountability With Care, a respectful and professional system that delivers desired business results, without micromanaging, discrimination, bullying or harassment in the workplace of any kind.

 We start with prospective clients by conducting a culture audit. Our culture audit involves in-depth confidential interviews with a group of employees. The goal is to find out what is really going on behind the scenes and assess the health of the organization. Everyone knows what’s going on even if they’re not openly talking about it. Our culture audit surfaces and identifies themes, which we utilize to build a plan of actionable steps.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.” – Dale Carnegie

If you’re ready to take action, schedule a time to speak with us: