The 10 Most Common Mistakes We See in Leadership Accountability

The 10 Most Common Mistakes We See in Leadership AccountabilityAfter more than twenty-five years of working with executives in various organizations, we are in the unique position to be able to identify best practices and common mistakes being made across industries in leadership accountability.  

These mistakes are avoidable, and when you are conscious of these mistakes, you will set up your organization for stronger accountability to produce positive results.

1) Leaders not meeting on regular basis with their direct reports.  My clients tell me that without accountability, few endeavors ever reach their desired outcome.  If you’re not meeting, you’re managing.  My clients tell me that by having regularly scheduled meetings, that “I know, they know, and they do it.”

2) Not having an upfront agreement – The upfront agreement is by far one of the two most popular and recognizable tools in my Motivational Accountability System.  The upfront agreement provides benefits and value  in bringing managers and direct reports together to enjoy a harmonious workplace.  Having an upfront agreement, defuses workplace uncertainty, confrontation, misunderstandings, and more.

3) Exhibiting destructive behaviors – In most cases, people do not even realize that they are doing this.  Nor the impact it is having on the organization. My clients find it beneficial to have their direct reports interviewed from time to time to test the waters.

4) Not recapping.  When people leave conversations and meetings on different pages, the accountability and productivity of the organization, is affected.  By recapping, everyone will walk away with confidence and clarity, versus confusion.

5) Not developing their people for the long haul – Many companies are focused on only today. Those who know to look after not only their organization’s future development, but that of their people are the real winners! Be sure to set BOTH Destination and Journey Goals!

6) Poor listening – Let’s be honest, working as an Executive can be isolating.  However, when you lose touch with your people, they begin to perceive you as lacking true care and concern about others.  To turn this around, practice the art of giving your people the benefit of your full attention.  

7) Antiquated Management and Leadership styles that don’t work; such as micromanaging, hammer management, absentee management, and command and control leadership.  The only time these leadership styles work is at lunch time, on the battlefield, or in sports.

8) Not following up and not following through.  Executives that delegate and don’t revisit.    People forget, get distracted, aren’t focused.

9) Not following through or keeping their word.  It’s important to do what you say you are going to do.  People only want to work with people they trust, and they only want to work with people who keep their word.  When one apologizes, “I had great intentions” that’s an excuse and doesn’t demonstrate accountability.  

10) Put Yours Here!  Let us know what is a common mistake you recognize in your organization in the comments below!

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