Show Your Employees You Care


Kindness works. Caring pays off and becomes profitable.


What’s the opposite of micromanaging, bullying and/or harassment in the workplace?

We call it Accountability With CareTM. It’s a respectful and professional management approach using simple human caring and it’s something all your people need if they’re going to achieve the goals you want them to achieve.

Want to avoid failed strategies, shareholder lawsuits, and missed earnings?

Then be a leader who can demonstrate superb people skills. Specifically when dealing with employees or other stakeholders while delivering consistent results.

What exactly are people skills? Attitudes like respect and acceptance. Activities like listening. Asking questions because you care and because you respect the people who report to you. Easy joking. Inspiring people with respect, loyalty, and even affection, rather than fear. Camaraderie. In other words—caring.

Want to avoid costly turnover, low morale and less than acceptable productivity?

Then truly care about your people and hold them accountable.

What is “Accountability with CareTM”?

  • It’s being tough-minded and open-hearted at the same time.
  • It’s caring about who your employees are as people.
  • It’s about supporting them as people.
  • It’s about appreciating their strengths, their goodwill, and their desire to achieve, grow and produce.

Want to avoid harassment claims, damage to your reputation and attracting in the wrong people to your organization?

Then try Accountability With Care! Authenticity when showing you care about your employees is the key. Genuine empathy and understanding will yield tremendous results.

What if you don’t even like them? It may seem esoteric, but try this and see what happens. When you look for the good in people and open your heart to them, your feelings may change. When you commit to caring about them, even if you don’t like them, you may find yourself genuinely feeling more compassionate and more appreciative.

Of course, your kindness may also change them, and change your relationship with them. Caring is to people what water is to plants. Caring helps people grow, and it makes them healthier. Therefore, even if you don’t like someone, if you make an attempt to care about them, that attempt is likely to change you, that other person, and your relationship.

Which of course is good for business. Kindness works. Caring pays off and becomes profitable!

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