We’re in the home stretch now. Yes, we started by STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE with my free report about the 7 Accountability Strategies That Will Actually Make a Difference to Your Bottom Line (want another look? You can download your copy here).

Since then, I’ve been going through the key components of the Upfront Agreement, continuing today with:


How will the two of you define confidentiality in your coaching relationship? This can vary widely from one relationship to another. Some people feel comfortable discussing just about anything, while others choose to put some boundaries or guidelines in place. Here are some questions to ask:

  • How do you personally define confidentiality? How should we define confidentiality in our coaching relationship?
  • What issues, if any, are off limits in our discussions?
  • If the person you’re coaching also is coaching others: There may be times when you’d like to discuss one of your team members with me. How will we handle issues of confidentiality in that situation?
  • If one of us feels that confidentiality has been broken, how should we handle it?

How would a confidentiality agreement impact the topics you decide to discuss? Can you think of examples where you weren’t sure if someone was disclosing how they truly felt?
Next time, we’ll get down to some more nitty gritty by looking at how to help your people embrace new tools.


P.S. Do you feel more comfortable about discussing some of these components and less comfortable to discuss others? I’m here to offer some guidance–just call me at 1-800-489-6980 or email me.