Hello and welcome back!

In this series of emails, we’ve been talking about one of the most important tools of my Coaching4Accountability system–the Upfront Agreement. Just this one idea has helped some leaders fix some of their biggest management headaches.

The component we’re discussing today is:

Coaching Session Logistics

In your Upfront Agreement, you may want to address some practical matters, including:

  • How do we feel about the recommended one-week interval in between coaching sessions? Do we need to meet every week at first, before moving to bi-weekly?
  • Where will we meet? What “neutral territory” would work best for us both?
  • How long will each meeting last?
  • What about cell phones and other interruptions?
  • How important is it to start and end on time?
  • What if one of us can’t make a scheduled coaching session? What guideline would we like to put in place about rescheduling?
  • How would we like to begin each coaching session? What should we do or talk about toward the end of each session?

Have any of these issues ever come up during a meeting with one of your team members? What difference would it have made to have an agreement in place?

Next time, we’ll cover a component of the Upfront Agreement that will help establish more trust in your relationships.