Are you ready to hear about the next component of the Upfront Agreement? You can’t have accountability without:

Commitments and Consequences

Accountability involves making commitments: commitments to the coaching process, the coaching relationship and to actions agreed on in coaching sessions. In an ideal world, we all would live up to all of our commitments all of the time. Of course, we know that it’s not always possible, and that we also sometimes fall down. So what’s the best way for you and the person you’re coaching to handle commitments and the consequences of not fulfilling them?

Here are some details you’ll want to discuss:

  • What about rewards? Here are some questions that may prompt your discussion.
  • What should happen if we don’t live up to our responsibilities?
  • What should happen if we don’t live up to this Agreement?
  • What should I do or not do if you get behind on your goals or commitments?
  • What are your suggestions for a reward system?
  • What about timelines for fulfilling commitments? Who sets the timeline?
  • How will each of us benefit if we do live up to our responsibilities, and this Agreement?

How have you decided on consequences up until now? Have you ever wished for more structure–both for yourself and for your people?

Watch for my next email, when we’ll get down to some of the practicalities of the Coaching4Accountability system.