As you may have read on Page 23 of the report, the Upfront Agreement is a tool that has generated more buzz than anything else I offer my clients.

An Upfront Agreement is:

  • A pact established at the beginning of a relationship–or at the beginning of a new phase in a relationship;
  • An ongoing conversation about how people choose to work together; and
  • A mutual understanding about responsibilities, expectations and communication.

The managers and leaders I’ve worked with use it, refer to it, revise it, and teach their team leaders how to use it with their people. Some take it home to their spouses and children and use it there, too. Just about everyone I’ve worked with raves about the Upfront Agreement and how it has changed their work and personal lives. In other words, they love it.

So do I. Why?

Because the Upfront Agreement helps keep relationships on track. What’s the source of many business problems? People relationships. The Upfront Agreement helps you solve some of the biggest management headaches there are, all having to do with people, relationships, communication and accountability.

The Upfront Agreement prevents many of the problems that can occur in the workplace between leaders and their people. It alleviates doubts about who’s supposed to do what. It clarifies expectations. It enhances clear communication.

And there’s more! The Upfront Agreement is so powerful that it deepens trust, commitment and cooperation, and transforms workplaces into happier, healthier places to be. Really. All of that! I just can’t stress how important the Upfront Agreement is in building relationships and entire cultures of accountability.

Over the next several days, I’ll break down some of the essential components of the Upfront Agreement, so that you can make use in them in your own relationships.

Until then,